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Shape CD/DVD

We specialize in the production of Grade A quality, multi-shape CDROM, CDRs, DVD and CD Business Cards. Multi-shape CDs are CDROM / CDRs that can be shaped into any size and shape, including the popular Business Card Size CDs. It can be used in almost all CD drives, and carries the same data formats as regular circular CD.

Because of the flexibility in size and shape, the product is ideal for applications in the promotion of products and corporations, where the multi-shape CD can be tailored into the contour of corporate logos or product shape.

Rectangular Shape CD Business Cards

  • Capacity : 6 minutes of CD audio
    6 minutes of VCD
    40-60MB of data storage
  • Data Format : All applicable industry formats

Free Form & Free Size

  • Capacity : up to 20 minutes for CD-audio
    up to 20 minutes for VCD
    up to 200MB for CD-ROM
  • Data Format : All available formats in the industry


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