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Graphics Department ( 2D&3D)

AL-Nazaer Studios are equipped with high tech 3D animation departments to provide high quality 3D and 2D animation production in Kuwait. We have a team of animators and non linear editing specialists working together to produce excellent films and projects.

Our dedicated 3D animation design studio utilizes all the skills incorporated in our 2D design service further enhanced with sophisticated 3D software and modeling. This specialist facility can again play a vital role in the production of any multimedia program; Whether it's realism you're looking for or a concept born of your imagination, we can help.

The animation of objects and images adds a new dimension to any production. We can create and model images in 3D, even if they don't exist!

We can add lighting and backgrounds to create highly desirable images, and because of our expertise we can produce whatever you require for probably less than you think.

Our expertise covers all areas of 3D animation and includes product animation, conceptual animation, building 'walk through', logos and animations, to name a few.

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